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Davistestkits.com Website Review & Ratings + Davis Test Kits Coupons

Davis Test Kits offer home testing kits that enable to you to test your environment for hazards such as allergens, bacteria, mould, lead, radon, asbestos and lead

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that every home in America be tested for certain environmental pollutants. As the average American spends over 80% of their time indoors, where concentrations of pollutants often exceed government health warnings, these tests can greatly improve both the quality and longevity of people's lives.

Potentially life threatening poisons can be identified and then eliminated with an easy-to-use test. These tests can put many simple fears to rest, such as do my children's toys contain lead? If you fear your working environment may contain asbestos fibres or your tap water has become contaminated, these tests will provide concrete proof of your suspicions. Over 63 million Americans suffer from allergies, which are treated based on symptoms by health professionals. The over-the-counter drug industry makes billions of dollars a year from drugs used to treat these allergies, but they never get to the source of the problem. These tests kits will enable you to find what allergens are lurking in your home and give you a more accurate idea of the risks you are exposed to in your everyday life.

Davis Test Kits: What makes it different?

Unlike many other home testing kits, Davis Test Kits are packaged in sterile conditions, tested in laboratories and have expiry dates so you can be assured of an accurate result. They will provide you with concise reports and data specific to your samples and location.

They are completely focused on customer service and should you require a consultation, they are available around the clock 24/7 to fit around your schedule. For urgent concerns, a laboratory analysis can be processed and a report can be provided on the same day the sample was submitted. The Davis Test Kits are so sensitive they can test any surface, dust, material or even the air around you.

Even though written directions are included with every test kit, they have excellent customer service which can support you via email or telephone in the unlikely event you encounter any difficulties. You will find that most of the other kits of the market only test for a limited amount of moulds and allergens. Davis Test Kits test for over 100,000 different types of mould, whereas many of their competitors test for only 23 types. You will also find many of their competitors haven't any knowledgeable support staff to answer your queries, have generic reports rather than ones based on your specific details, have little customer support, have lengthy laboratory test waiting times and little or no instructions with their test kits. Another benefit is free shipping of their tests. 

Davis Test Kits vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Davis Test Kits)

http://www.prohousedr.com/DIYTestKits.htm also provides home testing kits but whilst they offer laboratory analysis in some of their tests, they don't provide such a detailed test kit in many instances. Take radon for example. The Davis Test Kit can provide you with a soil, dust, air or bulk material testing kit whereas www.prohousedr.com can provide you with air or water tests only. Their website doesn't state they have sterile test kits, customer support or instructions and they offer no facility for same day laboratory results. All that is stated on the website is that laboratory results will be mailed to you, there is no time frame allocated. When comparing the mould and bacteria test kit, no details such as whether the test kit would be sterile had been included in their website information and no laboratory analysis seemed to be included. They gave no details as to how many differing types of mould the test could differentiate between and no ongoing customer support appeared to be included. All customers would be given to decipher the differing types of mould found was a standard chart. Only four tests for mould were included in their test kit, compared to the more comprehensive 6 test kits in that of the Davis Test Kit.

Unlike Davis Test Kits, Prohousedr.com do not offer free shipping. 

http://www.prolabinc.com is another rival competitor providing similar tests, but their website lists very little information with regards to their Radon test kit. There is no advice as to whether the kit is sterile, reports issued are specific to your circumstances or generic and again no same day testing facility seems to be available. They do have a great deal of advice on the harm radon can cause if found in your environment and they do have a number to call which will put you in touch with an environmental testing specialist, although no time frame of when you can call is printed. Again Prolab's radon tests appear not to be as detailed as those of the Davis Test Kit and only air or water testing seems to be offered. With regard to mould test kits, Prolab offers only three test kits versus Davis Test Kit's six and once again they do not specify how many types of mould their kit can detect. Instructions for the kit are downloadable online but they do not seem to have the customer support back-up that the Davis Test Kits promote. What Prolab do have to their advantage is detailed information on where mould can be found in a household, what signs to look for and what symptoms may arise if your home had become contaminated. What they do seem to be lacking is a team of customer support consultants and comprehensive tests.

Once again, unlike Davis Test Kits Prolabinc.com do not offer free shipping of their kits.

Davis Test Kits: Pricing & packages

With regards to pricing, Davis Test Kits are incredibly simple to understand. Each test kit is priced at $10.99 and is shipped first class, free of charge. Options are available for priority and overnight shipping at an additional charge. 

Prohousedr.com have varying prices for their test kits. These can vary from between $9.95 to $49.95 and shipping within the US is an additional $2.95.

Prolabinc.com once again have varying prices which begin at $9.95 for a do-it-yourself mould testing kit and go up to as much as $39.95 for a Radon testing kit with lab results. Shipping once again is not included and is approximately $10 depending on what test you order. 

It seems that Davis Test Kits are cheaper and much more transparent in their pricing guidelines than that of their competitors.

Davis Test Kits: Product images & screenshots
Davis Test Kits Coupons
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Davis Test Kits: Customer reviews & comments

www.davistestkits.com is a relatively new company, founded in 2007, who have been trading approximately 4 years. There is little information regarding the company available on the web in the form of reviews, but what I have found is included here:

http://www.coolcomputing.com/d/davis-test-kits.html has had two customer votes for the davistestkit product and they have scored 3/5 between them.

http://www.asbestos-test-kit.com recommends Davis test kits for asbestos testing and has a direct link taking you to their product.

http://www.couponsnapshot.com/Davis-Test-Kits-reviews-15422.html offered this recent review:

Julie (Posted at Feb 19, 2011, 6:57 AM)

More than expected

I ordered a mold kit and was supprised at how much value was in the kit and how helpfull they were-I guess they passed the 24/7 live customer service test-very impressed

In conclusion it would appear that Davis Test Kits offer a more thorough and accurate test kit than that of their closest rivals and their pricing overall is much more reasonable and transparent. They have a better customer service standard than those of their top competitors and a very useful function which enables you to receive your laboratory results quickly, should your test be of an urgent nature. It appears that they are certainly one of the most, if not the most comprehensive supplier of home testing kits found on the web. 

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Comments (6)

What happened to the days when children built natural body immunity to pathogens by being exposed to them? Geez but the world is going crazy. Ah well, with all of these people indoors testing for pathogens, there is more space outdoors for me!

Ranked #5 in

You have a good point Trever... we are going slightly mad in our bacterial wipes etc... but I'd want to know if there was asbestos in the house!

I sent in a ceiling sample for asbestos testing, after six weeks of unaswered emails and phone calls I stopped payment with my credit card company. Whoa! Suddenly someone was awake in the lab! What did they want? Another $40 to release my now complete test results because there was two pieces of ceiling in the bag. Got it done locally in one week for $25. Don't know or care what their results were.

Found Davis Test Kits online, used their mold test kit to test my kitchen. Was pleased with the results.  There were easy steps on what to do next. All questions I had were taken care off immediately! 

We moved into a new home and noticed that one window kept having something "growing" on the inside tract, although we would clean it with bleach it would reappear a few weeks later, the window was in my sons room and I wanted to know if this was a mold or something else.  I did a lot of research on multiple home test kits, after doing the research I settled on Davis Test Kits, so worth my money!!  I got a test that was well put together, the test results put my mind at ease and I was able to figure out what my next step to controlling this "growing" problem was! Highly recommended!! 

Alex Davis/Dr. Carl Stone/Monica Jackson/Jack Knorp ... whatever name you are using. Good Luck! You are going to be found, and you will eventually have to pay for your crime. Davis Test Kits/IAQ Assessments/Davis Industries good lookin out!  You have come across a wonderful money making scheme, which if I have anything to do with it, It's O.V.E.R.!!!!!!!!!!! People do not believe anything you read about this being a good company. Fair Warning!

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